Mission Organization

I started working on my 2012 Quilting Resolutions by sorting and cutting my scraps for an upcoming fun project...
Scrap Sorting for Super Secret Project
And for those of you on a mission to organize your quilt studio/space, here are some easy and cost-effective organizational tips:

1.  Hang it Up!
Clutter Free Cutting Table
I love using a peg board to hang up all my cutting and pressing tools.  It is easy to find everything, just a quick reach away and leaves your work space tidy. 

2.  A Tisket-A Tasket--A Wire Basket for My Fabric Stash & Projects
IKEA carries these great Antonius metal frame organizational systems with wire basket and plastic bins( http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S19876454/) that are perfect for organizing fabric, projects, quilting supplies and more. 
My fabric sorted by color in the taller frames (with 6 slots)

Smaller frame (with 4 slots) fits perfectly under my side table and each basket contains a Work In Progress.
3.  Flower Pot Power
Keep your favorite flower pot (or two) filled with all your scissors, seam rippers and other sewing necessities next to your sewing machine.

4.  Magnetic Organization
Hang a magnetic whiteboard nearby to keep track of all your quilting projects (WIPs, UFOs, future projects), tins of buttons or pins, calendar of guild meetings, class supply lists and shopping sales.

Make some personalized magnets using your favorite buttons, magnetic strips and some crazy glue

5.  Bippity Boppity Binders
Organize all your favorite quilt patterns, magazine articles and sources of inspiration into a binder using sheet protectors.  Turn to your newly organized binders when starting a new project or looking for trouble shooting tips.