Mystery Quilt Challenge Part I

While Mystery Quilt Challenges present intrigue, they take me out of my comfort zone by making you select all your fabrics without having any idea as to the final design, or knowing what block components will be needed (or just how many half square triangles will be required!).  So I always shied away from these opportunities and instead admired those brave participants while secretly wondering how I might have maneuvered the challenge.

So I decided to take the plunge when I got my January/February 2012 McCall's Quilting magazine, featuring a "New & Easy 3-Part Mystery Quilt."  They presented the fabric requirements (just 4 fabrics needed), tips for choosing your four fabrics, cutting and piecing instructions.  Each of the participating editors also presented their fabric selections to give you some ideas of the range of possibities, which I found very helpful.

So I started by finding my Fabric A which called for a multicolor print that could be large scale and multidirectional.  I went to my stash and found this great large scale paisly fabric that I love...    

Focus Fabric A
It contained so many gorgeous, happy colors that helped guide my fabric selections for Fabric B, C and D.  I knew I wanted the teal for my Fabric B (3 and 1/8 yards worth!!) and after 3 separate purchases, I found a great buttery yellow fabric to present some contrast for my Fabric C.  I am still undecided as to what my Fabric D will be as I have two contenders: a nice coral with little spirals, or a flowery green.  Maybe I can work both in with an additional inner border or something? 
Remaining Fabric Selections:  Fabric B (teal), Fabric C (yellow) and to be determined Fabric D (coral or green)
Fortunately I still have some time to decide as neither was needed for Step 1...24 half square triangles (left) and 16 3-triangle pieced squares (right)!

Stay tuned for Step 2 once my March/April issue arrives in the mail!