Quilting Resolutions

While most people may opt to kickstart their healthier new year by hitting the gym, I resolve to do it in my quilting studio with 5 fun and exciting new year's resolutions:

1.  Befriend Bennie
I resolve to get better acquainted with my new sewing machine by reading the manual cover to cover and take a class at a local Bernina dealer...as there is so much potential just awaiting me!

2.  Become a Machine Quilting Master
Maybe not a master, but I want to be more comfortable, confident and creative during the quilting phase, and reduce the need for muttering  4-letter words in frustration!  I recently overcame my fear of machine quilting--many thanks to Mary Mashuta's book and her "Foolproof Machine Quilting" class.  I walked away with 3 great samples, new tools, techniques and threads to take my quilting to the next level...including all the holiday runners I just finished.

3. Document my projects
I confess I am terrible when it comes to docmenting my quilts, and <gasp> labelling my quilts.  Quilting police:  arrest me!  I know the significance of attaching a label that outlines all the important information about the finished project, for future generations, yet I totally slack off at this final yet critical step.  If I am especially good, I might slap on one of these prefabricated labels...but there have been many quilts gifted sans label.  But I solemnly promise that all my 2012 quilts will be complete with legitimate quilt labels.  I even signed up for a class on quilt labels, and looking into printing fabric with my own original label design to expedite the process.

And I hope to better document the design/creative process via this blog, as well as updating my scrapbook containing pictures of my finished projects and thank you cards received.

4.  Add some glitz and pizzazz
While I love searching for fun new fabrics, I am interested in embellishing fabrics and the surface of my projects.  I found this great book with step by step instructions for all kinds of interesting techniques for manipulating/embellishing the fabric surface:  bleach, paintstix, dying, glitter, and more!!!  Plus one of my local quilt shops is offering a monthly surface design workshop...to get some hands on experience.  My goal is to try one new technique each month, and hopefully at the end of the year, I will have 12 unique blocks ready for a sampler quilt!

5.  Get Scrappy!
Eeek!  My scrap pile and random leftovers from past projects is growing and growing.  I recycle everything else in our household...but slack off when it comes to quilting which totally contradicts the origin of quilting.  My plan is to turn some of these fabric tidbits into blocks, pillows, totebags or even a quilt to donate!?!  And to make this a reality, I will take the extra few minutes to cut remaining scraps from projects into uniform 2" or 5" blocks or strips.  As you can see, I have a few bundles ready to go. 

Here's to an exciting year of quilting!