Totebag Time for Me!

Lately, I've been making quick and easy reversible totebags for friends and family for holidays, birthdays and special occasions.  I love searching my stash for fun fabrics to tailor the bags and handles to the interests/hobbies of the lucky recipient.  Being reversible, they can turn the bag inside out for a totally different look.  Best of all, they provide a more fashionable option to reusing shopping bags, especially as more and more cities are placing bans on the distribution of plastic bags at supermarkets/stores...which I am 100% in support! 

Now that I've made 30+ bags for friends & family, I've got the bag making process down to a science and worked out all the its time to make a bag for me!

So, which earth-friendly look do I want to sport while fabric shopping today?
This one?

Or this look?