Demystifying Bennie

Bernie's first few days home fluctuated between pure sewing bliss and extreme frustration trying to figure out all her capabilities--ie.  how to thread her and use the automatic needle function.  I doubted my worthiness to own such a machine.  But I bit the bullet and signed up for a Bernina 8 Series class to learn all her intricacies...and learned A LOT!!!!  I was actually surprised to see that many of the functions covered in class I had already explored and figured out on my own...but there was still much to take away from the class.  I know now how to open her up to discover a bird's nest of missing threads...of course, just as the instructor walked by to my horror!  Fortunately, she wasn't there when I uncovered all the dust bunnies hiding down near the bobbin case...phew!  Although, these discoveries reaffirmed my need to take the Care of Bernina 8 Series so I can keep her purring for years to come...

Despite some hiccups last night I do feel more empowered to utilize her many features and functions to enhance my quilting projects...and I don't feel so unworthy of this fine piece of swiss engineering!
Discovering Bennie Awesome Abilities
Side note:  My back/ribs are sore from lugging this beast to and from the classroom!  At least I got my workout!!