Cathedral Window Pillow

Challenge #1 Completed:  BAMQG Pillow Swap using Someone's Fabric Scraps

I started with a fun assortment of scraps featuring castles, royalty, banners and stars...
Lovely assortment of scraps leftover from someones quilt
and made Cathedral Windows to feature the various scraps...
Finished Pillow-Front

Close Up Details Cathedral Windows

Pillow Backing
I tried to not only use but highlight the scraps provided as they were so gosh darn cute.  Although I did need to supplement with some fabrics from my stash:  ~3/4 yard of Kona white for creating the windows, borders and sashing for the back; 4 small squares of yellow polka dot for a pop of contrast, 3 strips of blue and yellow plaid for the binding and a few blue scraps to back the 4 royal characters in the center. 

This was the first time I've ever made a pillow cover to fit a pillow form and I was nervous throughout the process that the pillow wouldn't fit once I had finished.  I was greatly relieved that it slid in smoothly and provided plenty of fluffy volume!  This baby consumed quite a bit of time...but I am very pleased with the end result and can't wait to see the recipient's reaction when we exchange at the April meeting!

Now onto tackling some of the other challenges on my plate!