Colorful Weekend

This weekend was all about colorful fabric!

I set my calendar for Thursday afternoon to sign up for a monster charm swap hosted by Kati, author of The Blue Chair blog.  There were only slots for 56 participants, and I did not want to miss out on the fun.  Starting a few minutes before the launch time, I kept refreshing the site...and good thing too as it filled up in just 5 minutes!  We were divided into 14 teams representing one of the 12 basic colors around the color wheel, black & white and grey--with each team working together to find one solid and four fun prints within their assigned color.  It was fun working with my fellow Purple teammates via flickr and shopping at my favorite local quilt shops to identify fun purple fabrics with a variety of value range without duplication... 
Go Team Purple!
I can't wait until my rainbow of charms arrive via I can just caress all this loveliness.  Perhaps I should be on the lookout for fun charm patterns/projects?!?

Saturday was spent raking through and dismantling my stash to assemble an assortment of fabrics in different colors (representing all 12 colors on the color wheel), values, intensities and patterns in preparation for Color Camp with color master-Christine Barnes.
Packing up my stash for Color Camp
She led us through a series of exercises making mock blocks applying the concepts of color theory, value and intensity.
Color Camp Assignments
Block #2 (top right) was my favorite of the day...many thanks to the use of a magical effect fabric that not only changes from a light yellow to a rich red/purple with little specks of provided movement and luminosity.  I absolutely love it and may have to make more!!
My Magical Fabric Find
This fabric was such a star that several fellow camp mates and the instructor bought several yards from the hosting quilt shop (and I may have gotten an extra yard or two to make more blocks)!  She also gave us permission to enjoy the hunt for the perfect fabrics to enhance our to my ears!

It was fascinating to watch my fellow campmates assemble the same blocks using very different fabric selections...and to get feedback regarding our mock blocks.
Final assignment:  Putting it all together
This workshop provided the theory, examples and push I needed to explore new color combos in my quilt blocks and quilt designs.  I can't wait till the end of summer when she will be the special guest at our guild and teaching a new lecture!
Three cheers for color camp!