Kool Kaleidoscope Progress

My strips ready to be sewn into strata
I was sooo excited about creating a Kool Kaleidoscope after watching Ricky Tim's demo on The Quilt Show.  I ran to my studio and pulled out fun colorful fabrics and got to work cutting up various widths to create the strata needed. 
But then I ran into a brief snafu with drafting up the templates.  My supposedly 3 identical 30 degree triangles weren't matching up.  Doug to the rescue with all his drafting tools with special triangles and rulers...and we had 3 identical triangles that I could create my templates with accuracy!

Yesterday I started cutting out the wedge pieces and loved watching the kaleidoscope grow and bloom on my design wall!

Wedge 1 only
Wedge 2 added
Wedge 3 and 4 added to the colorful mix
Wedge 5
All wedges cut and in place for sewing
I must admit that I kept sneaking into my studio all night just to admire this burst of color...right up before I went to bed.  Ricky warns us not to attempt chain piecing but to tackle each wedge one at a time...so I think I will set up  my sewing machine right next to the design wall so I can just reach over for the next piece.  I also have to decide what fabrics to use for my "butt" and "wedgie" sections (Note"  those are Ricky's technical terms for the pieces needed to square up the design) and borders.