Mondo Bag

Teal and Tangerine Squares

My quilting progress has been slow...and not much to report until today following my class to assemble my Mondo bag, by Quiltsmart.  I've been wanting to make a teal and tangerine quilt for some time--to celebrate the Year of Tangerine.  So this was the perfect opportunity to test out the color combo using lots of 2.5" squares.  As I cut out the squares, I really fell in love with the combination and knew it would be a fun summer bag and couldn't wait to see it all come together!

These Quiltsmart fusible patterns are amazing.  They do all the planning and word for all you have to do is lay out your squares, fuse, and then sew along the prescribed lines...achieving perfect seams along the way.  Last week we prepared our 4 panels.  The hardest part of the process may have been deciding the layout of the squares--to achieve the perfect balance of randomness without any of the fabrics too close to themselves.  Fortunately our instructor pointed out how the panels will ultimately come together so we could avoid duplication along the seamlines.

Then in today's class, we assembled the bag with handles and optional inside pocket and key hook.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the end finished product.  This morning I read the pattern and saw an option for using leftover squares to create the handles--carrying out the scrappy effect.  And while I was nervous about not having the 1.25 yard of the cute Kate Spain good fortune dragonfly fabric as called for by the pattern--I not only managed to have enough without any need for scrappy piecing, and I even managed to have a fat eight leftover!

10" square base

Hidden pocket
This bag's interior certainly lives up to the Mondo size.  The base 10" base is big enough to lay a quilt book flat!You can also see the little key fob with a little carabiner, so kindly provided by our instructor for easy catch and release.  Just think of all the fabric and quilting books this baby can hold!

There's a large pocket to organize the interior and keep everything from settling along the bottom.  I only wish I had made 2 or more pockets as they are super handy!
This summer's hottest fashion accessory!



  1. You did an amazing job sewing this altogether. Love the fur baby accent!

    1. Thank you! I love QuiltSmart's Mondo bag pattern and foundation. They really do all the engineering for a fabulous bag that is easy to assemble, heavy duty and stylish. I've made several of the Midi size bags as well which are equally fantastic!!


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