Rainbow Charm Swapland--Magically Delicious

In March and April, I joined two online charm swaps.  In each swap, assignments were made for one of the 12 colors around the color wheel and/or a neutral such as black, grey or white.  We were then charged to find 5 fun and quilter's quality fabrics within that color assignment...1 yard of each fabric cut into 56 5" charm squares.  Through flickr, we worked with our fellow swappers to share our fabric selections, receive feedback and get a preview of other swappers' picks.  A month or so later--we'd get a full spectrum of 5 yards worth of charms back to admire, cherish, and dream up beautiful, colorful projects.  Not a bad deal?

Here are some pictures documenting my adventures in Charm Swapland:
For Swap #1, I was assigned Purple.  Here are my picks.
Here are all my 56 stacks of my purple charms laid out on my cutting table, ironing board and carrying over to my chair and desk!  I can only imagine what the swap organizer must have gone through coordinating and shipping out everyone's stacks!

A few weeks later--all those purple bundles came back in a full spectrum of colorful charms!   
Look at that bundle of color!!!
Shortly after receiving my bundle, I heard about another rainbow charm swap starting up...so I signed up and was accidentally assigned 2 colors:  red and red-violet...requiring 10 yards worth of fabric!  And just today I got all 560 charms back!!  I was like a kid on Christmas morning--ripping open the package and spewing out all that color.  Taking only a minute to peruse the selections...my compulsion for order kicked in as I went to work sorting all the charms into the 15 piles for each of the colors, black, grey and white.

Tower of Color

Color wheel of fabric charms

And while it is tempting to join another swap, I am ready to put all 840 charms of color to work with a fun project or two.  That is of course, after I spend a bit more time admiring them all and pondering all the possibilities.  Stay tuned!