Artist Trading Cards: Round 2

Class Samples
More Artist Trading Cards were needed for trading with fellow CQFA members.  I considered cutting up some scraps to create colorful firework explosions, but 10 days had lapsed since July 4th.  But then inspiration struck as I was organizing my studio.  I had this small bundle of samples created back in January for a surface design workshop that hadn't evolved into much.  Other than move them from place to place, I decided to cut them up and create some ATCs.

Deja vu

At first, I felt guilty about cutting into my "art"...but then I rationalized that by cutting into them, they could finally see the light of day and be appreciated for their beauty and texture.  As a bonus, I wouldn't need to keep finding new places to store them. 

So I went to work trimming them into 2x3" pieces, fused with some heavy duty interfacing and backed in solid black.  I added some minimal quilting and zig zag stitching for binding...and came up with 7 fun ATCs to swap.

I was also pleased to see some of them were selected in the first round of swapping!

Starry ATCs
Abstract ATCs

Here are the 4 ATCs that came home with me.  Artists from top left going clock wise:  Angela, Maureen, Chris and Rhonda.  It is always fun to see such a beautiful range of creativity, materials used, construction techniques and color!  I felt like a kid in a candy shoppe:  which ATC to choose during my turn?!?

I look forward creating and swapping more ATCs in September!  Perhaps I will actually start my ATCs earlier than 2-3 days before the meeting?!?