Charity String Quilt Blocks

Front of string quilt block
Our BAMQG philanthropy coordinators are absolutely amazing.  Each quarter, they select a new modern block to turn donated scraps into fun and modern charity quilts.  These fabulous women not only recruit donations of fabric and batting, but then they cut it all up into little block kits!  There are so many opportunities for members to help out:  pick up and sew a kit, assemble blocks into a quilt top, layer and quilt and put on bindings.  So far, I've helped by taking a few block kits at each meeting to sew and return at the next meeting.  I enjoy learning a new technique for block construction and seeing so many diverse fabrics come together into a cohesive block.  Last quarter we made postage stamp blocks. 
Back of string quilt batting foundation
This quarter we are making string quilts using a quilt as you go technique and foundation piecing strips of fabric to a square of batting.  At the first meeting, they had kits ready to go with all the fabric strips and batting square for one block in a sandwich baggie.  The blocks went together pretty fast, so at the last meeting I took 4 kits.  What I didn't realize is that they repackaged the kits to now include fabric/supplies for 4 blocks...meaning I had enough for 16 blocks...eeeek!  But they went together quickly/painlessly and now I have enough assembled blocks to do a mock up on my floor!

String blocks mock up