Mad about Plaid

Aurofil thread samples
BAMQG launched a new Whole Cloth Quilt challenge, sponsored by Aurofil thread.  Our awesome challenge coordinator reached out to Aurofil to provide thread samples for challenge participants.  We each got a bundle of threads in different weights and colors to try--although we are free to use any thread in our project.  While I was lured in by the offer of free thread, I was nervous about this challenge.  I am known to mutter a few choice four letter words at the quilting phase.  I have yet to befriend free motion quilting, opting instead to rely on my walking foot which has its limitations.  And all the whole cloth quilts I had seen featured feathers and wreaths:  BORING!
Quilt Sandwiches and thread ready for play

In addition to this bundle of thread, I picked up another little gem at the meeting:  an older issue of Quilting Arts magazine.  I was reading through it before bedtime when I came across an interesting article about thread play which provided inspiration my challenge project.  I was giddy with excitement and woke up early the next morning and got to work making sandwiches using scraps of white, charcoal and black solid fabric.  Pulling out a few groups of thread colors, I got to work creating my own colorful tartans.  

Starting with red, yellow and blue, I stitched lines going vertically and horizontally.

Primary Plaid-starting with red, adding blue and then yellow lines
I was so excited by the process and end product...and set out to try another design...
Pastel Plaid:  yellow, pink, teal, and then lighter colors to create highlights.
Each swatch was 7 or 8 inches square and went super fast, despite the dense quilting.  I am eager to create more samples using different patterns and color combinations--before finalizing the design of my final whole cloth quilt.  The possibilities are endless!