Mini Luminaria Quilt

Panda Perfect Sized Luminaria Quilt
While sewing my Luminaria quilt, I wanted to include blocks that had yellow-orange, orange, red, pink and lime green centers.  Each block is created by sewing 4 identical squares with different centers and border fabrics, cutting them up and shuffling the pieces to create 4 new blocks.  So using 5 different center colors resulted in a total of 20 blocks when only 16 were needed.  So I decided to sew the leftover blocks into a mini wall Mini Luminaria Quilt.  Besides the smaller number of blocks, I made a few other modification to the pattern:  Introducing a 1.25" finished inner border using a luminous plaid in pink, orange and yellow cut on the bias, swapping out a blue and teal striped border for the brown border on the pattern and using the same luminous plaid for a bias binding!
Luminaria out in the garden

I love the finished look!  The center squares of bright, warm fabrics  appear to float right off the surface of all the dull, cool fabrics.  And I am happy with the inner border and binding for more pop of color/warmth.  And I was much happier working with the somewhat cheerier blue and teal borders that spin around the edges.

I also had some fun taking more creative pictures of the finished piece.  Although I will admit that the first set of finished photos were taken at night from my studio and looked dark and warped.  So with the morning light, I tried some new settings, backdrops and Panda decided to help.
One more shot--I love that creeping vine
Christine Barnes will be coming to our quilt guild meeting in August.  Her teaching schedule was so busy that she didn't have any spare samples to send early to promote the class.  So I was able to finish my mini quilt in time for our July meeting and definately encouraged my fellow members to sign up!  The programs committee even hung my quilt at their table and showed it off during the business portion of the meeting to encourage August workshop sign ups.  Now I hope to finish the larger quilt to show Christine when she visits in August!  And yes, I did sign up for her August workshop but got permission to work on one of her other patterns:  Black Opals.  I cannot wait and have been purchasing fat quarters of some absolutely beautiful magical fabrics!
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