Finally! Quilts for our Bedroom

Dixie modelling off the new bedroom decor
While some quilts are quickly sent off to their lucky recipient, I will admit that several do stay behind for my viewing pleasure!  While some of the smaller wall hangings can easily be hung with small corner tabs or even safety pins, we needed a hanging solution that was strong enough for some of my larger quilts and easy to swap quilts in and out of rotation.  Once again...IKEA to the rescue!  They have these curtain wires and metal hook/clips that are perfect for hanging up quilts!  We first tried it in the studio to photograph finished quilts...then added one in the front foyer to welcome visitors...and just installed a third in the bedroom.  Doug's a pro at hanging them up!

Skippy trying to blend in with his new surroundings

In lieu of a headboard, we hung a large quilt at the head of our bed and I love it!  I especially enjoy waking up in the morning and looking up to see bright flashes of colorful fabric...a great start to my day!  And I still have plenty of room along that wall to hang 1-2 more quilts!

And as you can see, the dogs love getting up on the bed, so this way I don't have to worry about them ruining any of my quilts with fur, scratching, etc.  Although I think they are now expecting some wall art/decor for their doggy beds...?  Fortunately I still have one set of curtain wire and clips ready for the next wall!

When will we get quilts to decorate our doggy beds?!?