Hot Stuff!

What a cute bag.  But this is no ordinary bag...
I've been spotting these iron totes that you can safely transport your hot iron and then open up to serve as a mini ironing pad...very clever!  A few weeks ago we checked out a local quilt show and one of the vendors was selling the pattern, complete with the silver heat resistant fabric.  At first I was a little intimidated by the pattern instructions (for me, all patterns still read as a foreign language!) and reached out to a fellow guild member asking for her assistance at an upcoming sew day.

Ta da!  There is an iron inside!  
The night before I pulled out the materials and decided to do some prep work so she didn't think I was a complete nitwit and waste her time where she could be working on her own projects, and found that if I went step by step and took my time I was able to follow the pattern on my own.  I was very proud of myself for making so much progress and managed to complete the entire project (measurements, quilting, binding, handles and buttons) completely on my own.

I finished sewing on the two buttons last night to complete this cute little project.  I am looking forward to testing it out at an upcoming sew day where I signed up to bring an iron for group use.  With my new little caddy, I won't have to unplug it so early for a safe transport home.

Wait!  There's even more.  It opens up to form an ironing pad!

Reverse side open