PIQF'd Out!

This past weekend was Pacific International Quilt Festival:  complete with over 800 quilts, 300 vendors, 60 workshops offered by national and international quilt teachers.  It was 3 days of quilter's bliss!

Dixie in fabric
This year, I signed up for two different one-day workshops:  Animal Portraits with Esterita Austin and Tucked Up and Embellished Circles with Jennie Rayment.  I arrived to the Animal Portrait class super early--so I got first pick among some half yards of gorgeous hand dyed fabrics.  I had hoped to use Skippy as my subject matter---but he tends to be pretty camera shy...so instead I went with Dixie.  As you can see I didn't get very far with capturing Dixie in fabric, but in fairness those are all individual pieces of fabric cut out and fused.  But I am really excited about the technique and can't wait to work on it more to tackle the rest of her face in fabric.
Jennie's Tucked Up Circle

Just the beginning...
Last year I took Jennie Rayment's Texture into Sudoku class, so I knew I was in for a treat with her Tucked Up and Embellished Circles class.  Many students opted to go with the class kit containing muslin fabrics.  And as usual, I took a more colorful route:  a gorgeous glowing ombre fabric ranging from a warm yellow to oranges and finally to a bright raspberry pinkish/purple.  I was able to cut the fabrics needed for class to capture on this changing fabric...and each step of the process kept getting more and more exciting.

Tucked up circle from class...more to come!

I can't wait to show the finished piece, especially since I added some fun borders.

And even though I was exhausted after each class, I powered through and checked out the quilt show.  Day 1, I only managed to get through the vendors and maybe half the quilts.  Day 2, I helped cover our guild's table to sell tickets for wall hangings and a featherweight machine, named Pearl.  Day 3, I tackled the remainder of the show.  I behaved myself at the various vendors, only picking up a few fabrics to add to my stash.  I especially enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous quilts made by fellow guild members, several of which earned ribbons!  Next year, I will be sure to submit a quilt or two...  but until then, I am officially PIQF'd out!