Sunday, November 18, 2012

Glowing Tucked Up and Embellished Circle

Glowing Tucked Up and Embellished Circle
My quilting has taken a bit of a back seat this past month, as I am back to working full time and I am enrolled in an intensive online course for dog training...  But I was able to squeeze in some time this weekend to finished up my Tucked Up and Embellished Circle, started at PIQF with Jennie Rayment.  I had finished the center square during the class, and came home to add some spinning borders that radiate out from the center square, using some leftover ombre scraps.  And I finished the outer border with a fun spirograph fabric that I used for the center circle and was just a perfect match for the glowing colors.  But as usual, the quilting and finishing phase took some time and planning...but the end result was well worth it!  I can't wait to bring it to my upcoming Show and Tell as I am just so proud of it.  I am still trying to figure out where this new piece should be displayed, but until I will hang above our fireplace, directly across from my seat in the living room!
Yes--those are Legos displayed on the mantle!

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