My first quilt donation

Holiday Party Quilt Donations
Quilters are known for their generosity and making quilts for those in need.  And while I've been happy to help make charity blocks that are later assembled into a quilt by others in my guild, I've never made the sacrifice of an entire quilt for philanthropic purposes.  So far, each labor of love has stayed near and dear with friends and family members--where I figure I could see the finished quilt once more.
Texas Two Step Quilt

Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association held its annual holiday party last night and asked for finished quilts to be donated to Scribbles and Giggles.

Back in January/February, I made a second Texas Two Step, that has been tucked away in my studio awaiting any baby girl announcements.  Much to my disappointment, there were no baby girl announcements in all of 2012 (plenty of boy announcements---which I didn't think would appreciate a pink and red quilt!) I decided it was time for Texas Two Step Quilt #2 to bring some warmth and comfort to some young child in need.  So I whipped up a quick label yesterday and lovingly dropped it off at the start of our holiday party, among some other beautiful charity quilts that will be equally loved and appreciated!
Quilt Label for my First Donation Quilt...Enjoy and Happy Holidays!