English Paper Piecing Prototype

Last week I attended an English Paper Piecing class, as part of my New Year's Resolution plans.  It was so nice to have such a light list of supplies needed for a class:  some fabric scraps, thread, needles and the book!  Easy peasy!  After seeing all the possibilities for English Paper Piecing, we learned the technique of basting down our individual units and set out sewing them together by hand.

Going into the class, I was excited by the portability of this project and the prospect of having something light to do while I catch up on my favorite tv shows.  But I was surprised at how relaxing and peaceful it was to sew by hand.

By the end of the night, I finished assembling my first set of 7 hexies and went to work basting my next set.  I definitely see more english paper pieced hexies in my future...just not sure what I will be doing with them all?!?