Mad about Plaid

This weekend, I managed to select a new pattern, fabrics, assemble and complete an entire baby quilt!  It was so exciting to start something new and then to actually complete it.    

Swirl Blocks Completed and Laid Out
Despite everything else on my plate, I decided it was time to make a quilt for a friend who would be having her second baby girl soon.  I call it productive procrastination--at least I am getting something accomplished?!?  So I went through my quilt patterns, books in search of some inspiration and found this fun and modern "Daisy Baby Quilt" pattern which can be downloaded free from Craftsy.  

The pattern calls for one charm pack and 1.25 yards of background fabric...easy enough.  I had a few cute charm packs set aside and selected Moda's Swirl by My Sister and Me.  For the background, I selected medium grey, which I had recently used up, so I asked Doug if he could pick some up during his lunch break.  The fabric was waiting for me when I returned home from work and I just dove right in selecting the 30 charms I would use, cutting 'em up and assembling the blocks.  By midnight, I had all the charm blocks completed and the grey fabric components laid out and ready to go.

Basted and ready for quilting
Even after a late night of sewing, I woke up early all giddy to lay out all the blocks.  I thought it would be fun to do a color wash effect having the colors blend from pink in the top left corner down to blue in the bottom right.  But it was tricky business avoiding adjacent fabric designs.  I kept fussing and fussing until I finally decided I had done my best.  I even managed to assemble several rows before heading off to work.


Quilting went super fast thanks to blue tape and Aurofil

Despite coming home from work with a sore throat, I headed right to the studio to finish assembling the quilt rows.  By the end of the night, my quilt top was complete, basted and ready for quilting!

Quilt Back
I woke up early with a full blown cold, but managed to map out a quilting design.  I figured I would keep it simple and fill in the plaid lines with grey stitches to complete the plaid illusion.  Despite my sniffles, the quilting went really fast, thanks to my handy, dandy blue painter's tape.  In fact, I seemed to forget about my cold while quilting away!  

I decided to round off the corners and prepped some binding with a bias cut to ease around the corners.  By 8 or 9 pm, I was finishing the last few hand stitches for the binding!

Monday:  Ta da!!!  FINISHED QUILT!!
Mad about Plaid Baby Quilt Completed!
Now that this is out of my system, I can get back to my priorities, like laying out almost 400 quilts for our upcoming quilt show!  Eeeek!