Breaking out of my Quilting Rut

Skippy and Whimsical Whirligig Quilt Top
I've been in a bit of a quilting rut.  Several of my WIPs have presented me with design dilemmas that  I haven't been able to resolve.  Two or three that need quilting motifs, a few more in need of a border to frame the quilt top, and at least one set of large blocks that need to be laid out into some kind of exciting layout.  I kept trying switching gears with different projects hoping to make progress on at least one of them to no avail.

Then I attempted to further procrastinate with some heavy duty cleaning and organization...a few naps...and finally I had to confront these WIPs before they became UFOs.  I spent several hours researching and brainstorming design ideas...and then headed to the studio to put at least one into action.  And without any warning, I  finally I got my quilting mojo back!  I tackled the borders on one quilt, starting the quilt back and was still quilting after midnight!  I woke up this morning resolved to tackle some overdue quilt labels and continue progress on the quilt from the night before.  I am happy to say its layered and ready for quilting.
Label # 1
Label # 2 and already packaged up to be shipped out
Label #3