For a good time, add a splash of alcohol!

Rather than spend another Saturday night in front of the tv watching reruns, it was time for some good ole' weekend fun.  And what better way to spark the festivities than with a splash of color, some solo cups and alcohol!  No, no, no...not that kind of alcohol for imbibement.  All for tye dyeing fabric!

Here is our recipe for some Saturday evening fun:
  • Solo cups - not for consumption of alcohol
  • Rubberbands
  • 5.5" squares of fabric (prewashed or pfd)-we used 5" and it was a bit snug...and this way you can easily square them back up for later use
  • Assorted sharpies--medium thickness works well
  • and a bottle of alcohol!  Not tequila or vodka but the hard stuff:  rubbing alcohol in a spray pump! 
Use rubberbands to keep the fabric swatches taut over the opening of the solo cups.  Take care to have a seal over all fabric sides.

Create your own original designs with the sharpies on the fabric swatches.  

Once your design is complete, generously spray alcohol on the design.  You can then swirl or rotate the cup to enhance the bleeding effect of the rubbing alcohol.  We found the blue markers had a great bleeding effect.  

Leave the fabric on the cup until completely dry!  I waited almost 36 hours before attempting to iron.  And while I did spritz with a little bit of water, there was some further bleeding.  So you may want to protect your ironing board.  

Alcohol Free Creations:

Sharpie Swirls

Cool Petals

Colorful bands by Doug
Effects from Alcohol:
Blurred Bands
Psychadelic petals
Warning:  Alcohol can be addicting!  We made 5 each in a very short amount of time!  
Now--what to do with all these funky swatches?!?  Stay tuned!