Marion Coleman: African Inspirations

Last night, Marion Coleman presented her "Stitch Africa" lecture and trunk show.  Prior to the meeting, I was unsure what would lay ahead, but that all disappeared once I entered the hall and immediately drawn to two glowing quilts:  Serengeti 1 and 2.
Top left going clockwise:  Serengeti 1, Detail of Serengeti 1, Detail of Serengeti 2 and Serengeti 2 by Marion Coleman
African Fabrics that were simply too gorgeous to cut up!
Marion's presentation began with a sampling of African fabrics, many of which she confessed were simply too gorgeous to cut.  So instead she simply pulls them out on occasion just to admire and touch.

One of the benefits of serving as historian is my reserved seating--front row center, usually next to the featured artist!  I introduce myself as the historian and request their permission to take pictures and oftentimes I am able to ask a few questions about their quilt making.  As she was setting up her trunk show prior to the meeting, I noticed she had a unique wood and wire hanging system that helped them to easily hang straight.  So I inquired about it and she made sure to incorporated it into her trunk show.  After the meeting, several members were also checking out her unique quilt hanging system...which I captured a close up for future reference.

She then dived in with her extensive trunk show that included a wide range of quilt styles featuring African fabrics, culture and heritage.  It was an inspiring trunk show filled with beauty, color, movement, sound and fun.  I will certainly keep my eyes open for African fabrics to add to my stash to add a pop of fun and culture.

Below is a sampling of some of the quilts that I especially enjoyed...
Marion Coleman's Quilts:  Market, Samples, Log Cabin, Sisters, Masks and much more!