Pinterest Addiction

Here I am trying desperately to finish up some of these quilting WIPs and UFOs, and then I go and discover Pinterest!  It took me a few minutes to get set up and start exploring the features.  But once I started searching for hints of quilting inspiration, it was on!  I feel like a kid in a candy shop oohing and ahhing over so many sources of creativity and pinning them to my different boards on design, color, and quilt patterns.  I've spent what must be hours frantically scrolling awesome images that have certainly fueled my creative spirit!  I get a little high each time I see a cool image or pattern that can be enlarged into a wall hanging or full sized quilt.  Then you get little messages when other people repin your images or start following your boards, which can be another little boost that you are onto something.  I started out with some broader categories which may later have to be broken down once I narrow down which quilt design interests I will explore next...
Just 3-4 days on Pinterest: 9 boards, 474 pins along with several repins and even a few followers!  
As I hopped from board to board, the quilting possibilities were limitless!  I have so many fun ideas for future quilts already dreamed up in my mind...I just need to take a break from surfing Pinterest so I can actually sit at my sewing machine and quilt!