Tracking My Quilting Progress

My days off provide many hours of uninterrupted quilting time, perfect for tackling major design decisions and larger tasks.  Yesterday was no I quilted for almost 10-11 hours!

Totally overwhelmed!
But first, a little organization to do.  I was keeping a list of projects:  current, future and UFOs on my white board.  My original thought was that it would provide a great snapshot of all the quilting projects on my radar and would serve as inspiration.  Well, it just seemed to overwhelm me, especially when there wasn't much progress being made.  Several of the items listed hadn't even been started--they were just ideas and maybe a bundle of fabrics that served as inspiration.  And my ultimate goal this year is to complete WIPs and UFOs.  (although on a positive note, I have completed 4 of the projects on this board!)

So it was time to revamp this project tracker...

Much more manageable and clean project tracker
I like this one so much better for a few reasons:
1.  it only has room for 12 projects!  So that will help me prioritize and not get overwhelmed by the crazy lists above.

2.  it tracks my progress with each quilt...and it's so much fun the move the button over to the next phase of the quilting process.

3.  Depending on my mood, I can choose which project I want to work on. I feel like constructing blocks?  Designing border options?  Or quilting--which as you can see--tends to accrue!

We shall see how it works out over the next few weeks/months and whether I am able to complete more WIPs or not?

Next up...quilting, quilting and more quilting!

But I sense I am already on the right track as I made significant progress on my One Block Wonder quilts.  I added borders to my Koi OBW, and I created backings and basted both the Koi and Butterflies OBW.  So both are now added to the pile o'quilting.  I am just waiting for one of those days when I am actually in a mood to quilt!  First, I need to determine the quilting motifs--3 of which are isometric triangles, so hopefully once I get inspiration for one, it will carry over to the other two quilts.

Today I get to celebrate all this progress by visiting a fellow quilter for a shop hop!  I am looking forward to treating myself to some new fabric.  I made room by using up several yards of fabric on the borders and quilt backings added yesterday and as if I needed any further justification...check out Doug's purchases after his recent Lego store visit...
I rest my case!  Fabric shopping, here I come!!