Fabric and Project Organization

My one completed project per week streak is over...but I continue to steadily make progress in the studio on a few fun projects.  Unfortunately, none are at blog-worthy phase to share pics of progress.

Moreoever, with all these projects, my quilt studio has been just a whirlwind.  I simply have too many projects going on and in order to work on just one of them, requires me to constantly relocate all the other projects and related tools, accessories, etc.  So I feel like I'm just moving stuff around and not making much forward movement.  And of course, after most quilt finishes, I like to treat myself to some new fabric and visiting some of the local quilt shops.  So it was time for some serious quilt studio reorganization so I can resume some tidiness to my creative sanctuary.

Baskets to organize my fabric yardage
Precuts, embellishments and notions
Once again, IKEA to the rescue.  I love, love, love their Antonius Basket System for organizing my fabric stash and quilty projects.  The racks can be 4 or 6 layers high and can be safely stacked on top of each other to reach new heights.  The racks can support wire baskets, similar sized plastic bins and double deep plastic bins.

The wire baskets are the perfect dimension to fold my fabric from selvage to selvage in half twice and then fold/roll to the height of the baskets--almost 6" deep.  I can pull out a drawer and see all the top folds for easy identification.  While the quilt shop staff cuts my fabric, I take it and start folding it and organizing it into piles, so putting it away is fast and efficient.  The staff doesn't mind, as it means they are able to help the next customer faster.  And bonus for me is I can fit more fabric into my stash!

The plastic bins are perfect for containing smaller bits that might otherwise fall through the wire baskets.  I have a few smaller ones that contain my fabric embellishment supplies and smaller notions such as ribbon, buttons, etc.  The  larger 2-deep bins can store an amazing amount of stuff, but I find they are too deep for typical fabric/notions organization.  So I only have two that are a bit of a blackhole of fabric/tools.

First I started by reorganizing my yardage.  Currently, I have at least one basket for each of ROYGBIV, along with my neutrals (white, grey and black--sorry I don't really do brown), then my special collectsions:  ombres and rainbows, magical fabrics, novelties and other fun multicolored fabrics.  I bumped out all pre-cuts and relocated them closer to my cutting table so I can continue adding scraps as I finish up projects, along with my fabric embellishments and notions.
The newest unit---for UFOs

The new 4-basket unit was installed at my other work station to contain my UFOs.  I am a little nervous about banishing my UFOs to the far corner...but they always seem to be in the way of forward progress with current projects as I have to push them around to make space for the current project.  And now I don't have to face the sad memories of these abandoned projects.  Out of sight, out of mind, until I am ready to tackle them and make them my priority.  Have no fear--its not a warehouse as it currently only houses 2 or 3 UFOs, although I have a feeling a few more are lurking around my studio that will be added today as I continue the reorganization adventure!