Crafty Halloween

Sewn cards for skirt

I don't normally get into the Halloween spirit, but two of my colleagues were looking to do an Alice in Wonderland themed costumes for our work costume contest.  So thanks to some peer pressure I agreed to join in as the Queen of Hearts with no clear vision for a costume.  But around 3 AM on October 30th, inspiration struck and around 6 am I got out of bed and jotted down my ideas, pulled out 6 decks of cards to sort and went to work sewing my costume!  I first started with the skirt which was a combination of door beads, apron and hula skirt.  I was able to double side some cards so the skirt only feature hearts and red reverse sides.  I first assembled each strand which was surprisingly easy and fast.  It was attaching the various strands to the belt that required some creative maneuvering as the strings sometimes got twisted and/or stuck on the bed of my sewing machine.

188 Playing Cards to create skirt, crown, broach and scepter

Before sewing up the skirt, I set aside several cards to create my crown featuring a royal flush, sceptre and broach--all of course featuring the Queen of Hearts cards.  So once the skirt was complete, I went to work creating these accessories using some ribbons, sequins for bling factor, dowel and lots of crazy glue.  And then all I had to do was wear a red top and black pants and I was ready to go!

Queen of Hearts, March Hare and Mad Hatter

My colleagues came dressed as the Mad Hatter and March Hare, complete with tea cups for their Happy Unbirthday Party.  Of course, working in a shelter environment with cats and dogs, wearing such a skirt simply is not practical.  The dogs would have jumped up and ripped some of the strings and cats would have thought this was the toy from heaven.  So it had to wait until lunch and only took a few minutes to get dressed up.  We headed to the party together with me leading the parade--and got some rave reviews.

Sweet reward!

Our efforts were handsomely rewarded as we learned before closing time that we won the Most Creative Group Themed prize for the costume contest, complete with a trick or treat pail filled with Halloween treats, a $10 gift card to our shelter store and bragging rights!  In fact, we were the only staff members to win, as the other top prizes were awarded to our creative volunteers and/or pets.

Back at home, Doug also got crafty using some recycled toilet paper rolls and glow sticks.  He cut various eye shaped slits into the one side, slipped in a glow stick and stuffed the ends with recycled newspaper and hid them in the trees and rocks out in the front year, which created a fun effect of glowing eyes staring out.

Glowing Eyes Peering out at the visiting Trick or Treaters
The Queen of Hearts warning mischievous Trick Or Treaters--Off with Your Head!