Fusing Together Scraps of Batting

Heat Press Batting Together
After finishing a quilt, I am usually left with a pile o'scraps.  I've been much better about managing fabric scraps by cutting them up into 5" and 2.5" squares and 2.5" strips which come in handy for a variety of projects.  But I've also accumulated a pile o'batting scraps.  Some have found use on smaller wall hangings or free motion quilting practice sandwiches.  But that's just a small dent in the trunk of batting scraps.

But then I found Heat Press Batting Together in one of my LQS--1.5" wide fusible web tape that can fuse together sections of batting.

Its fairly easy to use.  I simply trim the edges of my two sections of batting to nestle together.  Cover the seam with this tape and fuse with appropriate iron setting.  Turn over and tape/fuse the reverse side.  

I pieced together two units of batting when layering my Quick Trip baby quilt and didn't notice any difference when FMQing over the taped sections.  In fact, I almost forgot that I had fused together sections.  So I will certainly be using more of this Heat Press Batting Together Tape to use up all these sections of batting.  Although I may need to get some another roll or two of this tape so I can use all those scraps!