Quick Trip Quilt

Finished Quick Trip Quilt Top at Quilting 101/Sew In
One of our SCVQA members, Diane demonstrated Quick Trip Quilt making during October's Quilting 101 Demo as part of our monthly Sew In.  Those wishing to participate were instructed to bring 8-10 coordinated fabric 4" strips of fabric.  As usual, the night before, I was stressing over which fabrics to include and brought a fun and unusual for me colorway assortment of hot pinks, teals, seafoam green, olive green and dark grays.  The demo was certainly quick and easy and soon we were off to sew together our fabric strip tubes, which were then sliced into loops and then each loop cut to stagger the rows.  Including a quick lunch break, my quilt top was assembled within 2-3 hours-quick indeed!

Once home, I decided this would be the perfect sized project to take the plunge into FMQing an entire quilt!  I pulled out threads to match the fabrics and made a list of some of my favorite FMQ fillers from the books and Craftsy classes of Angela Walters and Leah Day.  I then went to work FMQing each fabric with a different FMQ Filler including Eye Balls, Pebble Ripples, Escargot by Leah Day and Angela Walters' Flower, Echo Swirls and several rounds of Back and Forth.
Center Row left to right:  Pebbles, Back and Forth, Pebble Ripples, Back and Forth, Flowers, Eye Balls, Back and Forth, Swirls, Back and Forth, and Escargot.
Close Up:  Pebbles, Back and Forth, Pebble Ripples & Flowers

Close Up:  Flowers, Eyeballs, Swirls
Close Up Swirls, Back and Forth, Escargot and Pebbles

Working one to three rows a day was fairly manageable and didn't put too much strain on my neck, shoulders or back!   I had so much fun with each motif and would just run my hands over each newly quilted section.

For the back, I had some yardage of a recently used fabric which surprisingly wasn't the original inspiration for fabric strips selection but worked perfectly!
Skippy and Panda modelling the back of the quilt--you can still see some of the texture!
And I simply love, love, love the texture and feel of the finished quilt!    And clearly so did Panda as she kept going to her new "mat."
Panda's loves the feel of the new quilt!