Ironing Board version 4.0

Just like my quilt studio, my ironing board has gone through several upgrades and enhancements.
Version 1.0 basic ironing board (and studio too--oh my goodness!)
But just as my quilt studio and stash grew, my ironing board had to keep up!  So it was time to upgrade to a larger ironing surface.
Version 2.0 ironing board--same legs but supersized ironing surface
But unfortunately the original ironing board legs were a bit wobbly for this enhanced they had to go.  Doug installed wooden legs and several metal braces, but even they were a bit unstable and had to go...
Version 3.0 ironing board--new wooden legs but still quite a bit of wobble
Kitchen cart base from IKEA

Plus I realized there was quite a bit of space below that might be better used with shelving or baskets.  So off to IKEA we went--originally for a 2 foot square kitchen cart to affix the ironing top.  But somehow we wrote down the wrong aisle/space and came home with a larger than expected kitchen cart...which greatly worked to my favor with all the extra shelving and drawers for stowing away supplies.

Reupholsterng and framing the surface

And the old black and white interior design fabric was getting stained and releasing fumes which were probably toxic.  So I purchased some Therma Flec heat resistant fabric to reupholster the ironing surface.  And Doug attached several wooden slats so I could simply set the ironing board on top of the cart and easily remove it if needed.

Easy on and easy off with some shelf liner to protect the cart's surface
Version 4.0-Sturdy and plenty of storage for my ironing and fabric supplies
Let's hope that Version 4.0 is here to stay!