Series of Starbursts

Whereas I set out to create one Starburst quilt, I had so many fused scraps that I kept going, yielding a series of 6.  Working in a series allowed me to experiment with variations of backing fabrics, wedge color combinations, center orientation, quilting motifs, threads and bindings.  It was very liberating to just play and create 6 unique Starburst quilts.
Series of 6 Starburst Quilts

Starburst Quilt #1

This was the first to be quilted and completed.  Center orientation and radiating curvy lines with some spiral chains sprinkled in to create dimension.

Starburst Quilt #2

While this was the second to be completed, it was one of the last to be fused.  As I did not have many wedges left, I went with all cool colors giving it a very wintery feel.  This one has curvy lines with figure 8s radiating out from the center.

Starburst Quilt #3

It may be hard to see in this picture, but this quilt has radiating wavy spiral from the center out with stars sprinkled in.  I started with a variegated thread but after several thread breaks, switched to a basic navy blue and tried to create the stars on the wedges for more visibility.

Starburst Quilt #4

Again one of the last to be fused.  I used all warm color wedges on a background of navy blue to help them really pop.  Here I decided to do an all over spiral in navy blue thread which was actually really challenging as I couldn't always see my previous quilting lines, so I often had to have some memory of my previous path.  Surprisingly, it all worked out with very little crossing over!

Starburst Quilt #5

I really liked the spiral quilting and wanted to add some sparkle.  Unfortunately, I never have any luck with Superior Glitter threads when used on top.  So I simply turned the quilt over and used the Glitter thread in my bobbin and loved the finished look.  I also figured out a trick for loading the bobbin by slipping my thread pick through the bobbin and holding the two ends of the thread pick almost like kite string as it came off the bobbin and wound onto the bobbin!

Starburst Quilt #6

Saving the best for last! Actually this was the first quilt top to be fused but the last to be quilted and finished!  It is also the largest in the series.  I used the Glitter thread again in the bobbin but elongated my spirals for a psychedelic finish.  It is my favorite and unfortunately the photograph simply does not capture the bling the Glitter thread adds!

And of course, I selected a variety of starry fabrics for my quilt backings, along with contrasting square pockets to insert a dowel for easy hanging.  Of course, I forgot this little step on the first two!
Starry Backings
While this was a fun series, I am done with Starburst least for now!