Studio Makeover

Going vertical to stow all my quilting gear and supplies
Ok, now that the studio makeover is almost complete--I am ready to post some pictures and get back to some serious quilting since the studio has been in flux for almost 2 weeks as we tackled various phases.

Phase 1 involved rearranging the furniture for better utilization of the space and work flow.  While I was still fine tuning a few areas, I had enough information and needed measurements to visit IKEA to pick up some more vertical and efficient storage.  We picked up and assembled a 5x5 Expedit bookshelf, kitchen cart, small rolling caddy and fabric baskets to tuck away all the clutter!

I love my teal blue focal wall!!
Then last weekend for Phase 2, I got my first experience painting.  Saturday night we went to Lowe's to select a paint color, pick up the paint and supplies and the next morning after moving away the furniture, we applied the first of 2 coats of paint.  I loved the color immediately as it brought so much cheer into the space.

Phase 3 had to wait until the walls were dry and I could finalize the floor plan of furniture to rehang all my studio essentials.  My cute handyman brought out all the tools and hardware to hang up my design wall, peg board, thread racks and all my other essentials so I could get the studio back into working order.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!
Fabric storage, cutting station and design wall.
My resource library corner--with plenty of room to expand my collection of books/magazines
And Phase 4 which is just started is rehang some of my favorite quilts to add another layer of color, texture and inspiration into my studio...
My sewing and ironing stations with several of my favorite quilts hung to add color, texture and motivation
And even though we added several larger pieces of furniture, it still feels much more open.  And with the new layout, everything has its designated space which makes for easy organization and better work flow as I progress to the various phases of the quilt design and construction phase.  Much of this is in thanks to my review of a favorite book:  Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter:  An Illustrated Guide to the Space of Your Dreams.  And of course, special thanks to Doug for all his time, expertise and use of power tools to recreate my quilt sanctuary!