2013 New Years Resolution Review #2: Gather the courage to enter my work in a quilt show and/or competition

Luminosity on Display at SCVQA's Shower of Stars Quilt Show

April brought SCVQA's bi-annual quilt show, Shower of Stars.  I seized the opportunity to enter several of my quilts into this year's show both to represent my work as a quilter and to promote the workshops offered by SCVQA.  I ended up having 8 pieces on display and a small modern block within the BAMQG banner.

It was a proud moment to see them on public display among the other 400+ absolutely gorgeous quilts made by our members.

Unfortunately, I totally wimped out about submitting any of my quilts for PIQF or the New Quilts of Northern California.  Quite frankly, I didn't have anything new or ready in time to stand their own at PIQF. But I may just have to put my big girl pants on and finish quilting some quilt tops that could be serious contenders for October 2014 PIQF!

My own Shower of Stars on Display at SCVQA Shower of Stars Quilt Show

But I did go above and beyond by helping with the organization of the SCVQA quilt show which turned out to be a great learning experience and networking opportunity, along with loads of work!  It was simply amazing to be part of the 12-hour transformation of the large convention center exhibit hall into a vibrant quilt show with over 400 quilts on display, 30+ vendors and all kinds of activities for attendees.

Fortunately, I get a 2 year reprieve until the next quilt show!