A Christmas to Dye For

The living room was filled with holiday cheer as Christmas rapidly approached.  I must admit that I still get giddy about Christmas morning and opening presents!

Tradition is for Doug to gift me a sewing machine for Christmas and lots of quilting related gifts.  Last year he showered me with lots of fabric, templates and local quilt shop gift cards.  So with Christmas approaching, I kept asking whether this year would bring a long arm machine. And as each wrapped gift arrived under the Christmas tree, I kept asking whether it was my long arm, and even though the packages were too small for an actual long arm, I speculated whether they might be long arm accessories and/or I might need to assemble my long arm machine?!? 

So you can imagine my surprise when I opened my stocking to find a canister of car wipes and my first two packages included a breathalyzer and ginormous wine glass!  Where was the fabric?!?  Quilt notions?  Sewing machine?!?  

But he quickly recovered with the next large box which contained a variety of plastic squirt bottles and came with a large 10 gallon bucket.  While most people might be wondering what the $?%&?, I was absolutely delighted with his extremely thoughtful gift!  

Especially since they were accompanied with funnels, squirt bottles, 3 yards of white prepared for dye fabric, two how-to books on fabric dyeing and many samples of fabric dye.  

I am so excited to get started with dyeing my own fabric, as I just love the range of colors and effects you can achieve.  These gifts will certainly add some color to the year ahead!

Alas...I didn't get my Christmas long arm machine, but I did get a new sewing machine this year!  It's a miniature antique ornament to adorn our our Christmas tree...thanks to my mother!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!