Deck the Halls...Tis the Season to Get Crafty!

Deck the halls!
Once the Starburst quilt series was complete, it was time to whip up some holiday fun for family and friends.  So I went to work pulling out a pile of fabric and fun embellishments to bring my vision to life.  I even enlisted Doug to help make quilts for his family.

After fusing on stabilizer to the background fabrics, we went to work creating rings of texture using a variety of yarns, embroidery floss and threads.  Using Solvy water disolvable stabilizer to cover each ring, I was able to zig zag stitch using invisible thread.  Once all the yarns were stitched in place, it was time to wash away all the stabilizer and press the squares back into shape to layer and quilt.

Rings Ready for Quilting

I quilted my elongated spirals using glitter and metallic threads in the bobbin work--which really added some festivity to the background.  And with the holidays rapidly approaching, I did all the binding by machine--which was fast and still looked great.  In fact I did all the machine binding while watching NBC's new version of the Sound of Music.  While it could never live up to the Julie Andrews version, it was perfect background for quilting and binding!

Now it was time to embellish and bring these holiday quilts to life complete with red ribbon and holly leaves buttons.  Ta da!!
Here are some close ups:

Made by Doug!

Also designed by Doug!

And Doug was getting crafty out in the garage working on our annual Christmas ornaments.


  1. It looks like fun. I've got to look for that Solvy stabilizer.

    1. Some local quilts shops might carry it--especially ones that offer embroidery classes/supplies. If not--I was able to find it at one of the big box stores. There are lots of uses for this Solvy stabilizer--but you do want to store it in a cool dry place!


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