These will be handy in 2014!

Yesterday I treated myself to a visit to my favorite LQS.  As I walked in the door, the owner was there and let me know she had a surprise waiting for me:  a gift certificate from my mother!  I went through the fabric, notions and patterns and found loads of goodies to celebrate including a much needed replacement pair of Machingers quilting gloves.

My first pair were purchased almost 3 years ago and had obviously gotten a lot of use and abuse.  The finger tips are nearly black, the wrist bands stretched out and the one hand has a hole which kept getting snagged on my sewing machine causing it to get larger and larger.  And even after several washings, I hadn't realized how pathetic they had become until they were next to the newly purchased pair!  Its just a matter of time until the new pair will look equally worn and used as I have a stack of quilts waiting for quilting to break them in...