Hot Stuff

2012-2014 :  Rest in Peace
To celebrate my recent UFO finish, I treated myself to starting a brand new quilt!  I was making great progress when my iron suddenly died while pressing my rows of blocks.  

At first, panic did not set in.  I figured the automatic shut off safety feature had kicked in...nope--the lights were all off.  Next I checked the extension cord to see if a fuse had blown...but its light was on telling me it was getting juice.  I unplugged the iron and tried plugging it back in confirming that it was truly dead.  Panic now set in and required an immediate trip to my trusty Target store for a much needed replacement iron. 

I don't mean to brag, but this is a professional grade iron!

Fortunately, they carried a selection of 10 or more irons, including the brand Shark.  I really like the Shark designs, especially the iron plate, which just glides across the fabric and is very easy to clean.  I went with the light weight professional grade iron which has the setting dial, a pointier tip to really press open those seams and my sleek iron plate.  It works great and makes a great press the first pass over the fabric, so I may not need to rely so heavily on best press as much for crisp seams.  

Hot 2 Trot Travel Iron

While I was at Target, I had a second mission in mind: look for a  travel sized iron for classes and workshops.  At a recent workshop, a fellow guild member introduced me to a pint sized iron that packs a punch.  She even let me test drive it and I was very impressed.  She told me the brand name, which while I had since forgotten, but remembered that it was cute and clever name.  Once at Target, I immediately recognized it:  Hot 2 Trot.  It has a decent ironing surface size, lightweight, ergnomically friendly and gets super hot.  All this for only $9.99!!  How could I resist bringing this little guy home?!?   

All my irons from over the years--some retired, some to be sent off to iron heaven and others that are ready to quilt