Black Opals & Ribbon Candy--Cool Version

As promised--here is the second Black Opals & Ribbon Candy quilt, made from Christine Barnes quilt pattern, in mostly cool color fabrics.

Quilted Blocks
Whereas the warm version featured mostly straight/angular quilting in the blocks and borders, this version had more arcs and curves.  I was stuck for a while as to how to take this curved theme into the borders and minimize marking required.  Once again, blue painter's tape came to the rescue as I marked the peaks and valleys of my curves, which were echoed and then surrounded with a larger pebbling (reminiscent of the smaller intersection blocks).
Border quilting in progress with minimal marking required
Border quilted--a little hard to see with the busy border print
Border quilting from the backing--fun backing fabrics
I tried to get a pic with the pups, after learning that Skippy had muddy paws...luckily it wasn't too bad!
Side by Side:  Warm and Cool Black Opals & Ribbon Candy quilts