Free Motion Fillers Blocks #16 though 32

My journey through Leah Day's Free Motion Fillers Volume 1 Craftsy class fun continues with blocks #16 through 32 which includes some remaining Independent Designs, Pivot Designs and the start of a few Echo Designs.

The next 16 blocks quilted with free motion fillers (top left to bottom right):  Trapped Ripples, Cubing, Missing Piece, Paisley, Light Bulb Leaf, Hosta Leaves, Spike Paisley, Lava Paisley, Heart Paisley, Pointy Paisley, Drunk Pointy Paisley, Abstract Leave, Kidney Stones, Echo Shells, Trippy Triangles and Hot Candy.  

With 32 blocks completely quilted, I am officially at the halfway point and can't wait to fmq the remaining 4 rows--including some motifs from Leah Day's Free Motion Fillers Volume 2 Craftsy Class!  I also picked up some kona cotton solids to make the quilted tote bag class project for volume 2!  Stay tuned for more free motion fun!!