Free Motion Fillers Blocks 33-48

Wrapped up blocks #33-48 for Leah Day's Free Motion Fillers vol 1 on Craftsy.  These designs were from her echo and branching families.  Without further are pictures of my freshly stitched blocks:
Free Motion Fillers Top left to bottom right:  Brain Coral, Flame Stitch, Ball Bearings, Pebble Ripples, Lightening Bolts, Swirling Water, Sharp Swirling Water, Poseidan's Eye, Cubic Ripples, Echo Short Cut, Triangle Starships, McTavish (one of my new favorites!!), Universal Spiral, Bloody Saw Blades, Heart Flow and Unloaded Boxes
I have one last filler from Leah's Volume 1 class, and for the remaining 15 blocks, I plan to incorporate motifs from her Volume 2 class.  75% done!!  I am in the home stretch baby!!