Free Motion Fillers--the first 17 motifs

I am working my way through Leah Day's Free Motion Fillers volume 1 Craftsy class.  I made up the sampler quilt and have been procrastinating taking my first stitches.  But once I got over my initial fears, I am cruising through these blocks, each featuring a different filler motif.  In fact in just a little over 24 hours, I've got 16 blocks quilted and stippling all around from block to block.  Here are some pics of my FMQ progress...
Free Motion Fillers (top left to bottom right):  Sharp Stippling, Zippling, Alien Fingers, Circuit Board, Angle Spiral, Pebbling, Basic Star/Wagon Wheels, Saw Blades, Loopy Lines, Basic Spiral, Drunk Spiral, Blazing Spirals, Cobble Stones, Oil Slick, Triangle Mosaic and Modern Weave
The first 16 blocks or Rows 1 and 2

Volume 1 covers 50 different fillers...but I had enough fabric to make 64 blocks, so I will be incorporating some of additional motifs from Leah's Free Motion Fillers volume 2 Craftsy class as well!  I am having lots of fun creating all different textures and designs all in white Aurofil thread. I am finding the process very relaxing and I am able to move on to the next motif before I get bored (with exception to the basic stippling that is all over the grey sashing and borders--but I am still enjoying that motif as I get lots of breaks when I hit a block!)

Will continue to post my FMQ progress on this project...