Panda Pandamonium

Petite Panda Pandamonium was a prototype for the real Panda Pandamonium quilt started in Therese May's Quilted Portrait workshop.  Before the big reveal, here are some preview pictures of the free motion quilting in progress...
Free Motion Quilting Progress:  Lime & White, plus pink, plus teal!
Fabric side of Panda Pandamonium
Finished front of Panda Pandamonium
Now the front is pretty awesome, but it may just pale in comparison to the reverse side where you can more clearly see how much fun I had doodling different quilting motifs:  black pebbling in the sashing to allow the lime, pink, teal and white thread to truly pop!
Free Motion Doodling Fun
Thread Play with Panda Pandamonium
Panda is more than happy to model and test Panda Pandamonium


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