Finished Free Motion Filler Sampler

Completed Free Motion Fillers Sampler Quilt

I had so much fun working my way through Leah Day's Free Motion Filler Volume 1 and 2 Craftsy classes.  She is a fabulous instructor as she organizes the various fillers by different families that have common properties and rules, and then shows you how to break the rules to create even more original designs.  Each class covered 50 original free motion fillers for a whopping total of 100 motifs!  There were only 2-3 designs that benefited from a little assisted marking, otherwise, they were all free hand doodles.  Before stitching on fabric, I sketched each motif in my journal to practice the flow, movement and navigating corners, etc.
Quilt Back--Wish I had used all solid fabrics to create a whole cloth quilt effect on the back

Next time, I will use all solid grey fabric so the quilting really pops on the reverse side!!

Top Right Quadrant Close Up--Look at all that beautiful texture!!!  I love it!!

Once finished, I hung the quilt in my studio to serve as a reference of 70+ motifs and textures for consideration of future projects.  I love it!!

Thanks again to Leah Day for providing so much motivation and inspiration for me to become a more confident free motion quilter!!