Infinite Triangles=Infinite Fun & Color

Quilt top done in 2.5 days
Back in February while attending the Pajaro Valley Quilt Show, I picked up a kit including the pattern Infinite Triangles and enough ombre fabric yardage to make the 64"x64" quilt top.  Typically I avoid quilt kits as I love picking out the fabrics and making the pattern my own.  But seeing how it was the 2 ombre fabrics that really create the magic of this quilt pattern, and the fact that I already had both fabrics in my stash, I decided it wasn't cheating too much.  So I snatched it up and supplemented with my own fabric to make the larger 72"x72" size.  The pattern provided great instructions on how to cut and layer the fabrics to create the gradient half square triangles that are 1" finished in the center, 2" in the second border working their way out to 8" in the 8th border.  I had all the fabrics and blocks sewn in a day and maybe another day and a half to whip up the entire quilt top!

Doodling Quilt Motifs
I loved having this burst of color hanging in the studio, as I pondered possible quilt motifs.  I knew I wanted to create a juxtaposition within the two halves of each square--using straight lines in one half and more curved lines in the other half.  One morning I woke up early and decided to doodle some possible ideas and quickly narrowed down my design to use cursive e's and l's in the warm colored triangles and a closed triangle spiral in the cooler color triangles.  Just a few minutes after first starting my doodle designs, I was back at the sewing machine stitching away the motifs in thread.

The center squares went super fast, but as I moved out to each surrounding border if blocks, not only were the blocks larger but there were more of them.  Towards the outer rows, each block took 9-10 minutes each to quilt.

<14% on my bobbin thread
Last layer of Thread!
For the quilting, I used Superior Thread's King Tut Mummy's Dearest, which had a slight variegation of light blue, yellow and pink which provided a subtle sparkle to the ever changing blocks.  I am so glad I picked up the 2,000 yard spool!  As I was working my around the 8th and final row, I was getting more and more nervous that I would not have enough thread to complete all the blocks as the spool of thread was getting down to its last layer and then my low bobbin thread indicator came on just as I was starting my last block!  I let out a big sigh of relief as I finished my last few stitches on the final block without running out!

I love these EE Schenck Gelato ombre fabrics.  Not only do they have absolutely beautiful colors that practically glow all by themselves, but when combined with this pattern, you get some great color combinations within each block and at the intersections.  It was even fun hand sewing the binding as the colors continuously changed around the perimeter.
Ombre Binding Rolled up
But here are some pictures of this very colorful and now finished quilt...
Infinite Triangles Adding a Burst of Color on a Cloudy Morning
With all this color on the front, I was in search of a black and white large text print to use on the back.  At first I thought it would be fun to use numbers to tie in with the mathematical formula for this quilt, but didn't find any to my liking.  But then I noticed this great new print still in the plastic wrapper at Beverly's with all the days of the week written in cursive--creating the PERFECT backing!

And thanks to a little planning ahead, I was able to use a spare half square triangle block folded in half to create my quilt label.  Once I penned on all the information, I pressed it in half and basted it in the corner of my quilt back.  Then the binding wrapped around to the back and stitched down, tucks in all the raw edges of my label, adding one last burst of color to the quilt back.