Texture Plus

Whenever working in a series, I always try to mix things up a little on subsequent pieces to add some variety and try new designs and/or techniques.  I really loved Hugs & Kisses (the contrast between the pebbling and straight lines of the X's and even the play on words with the title), so I was at a total lost as to how to tackle the teal companion piece.
Trapped Ripples FMQ Filler

While stitching in the ditch, I looked over at my Leah Day Free Motions Filler Sampler quilt for inspiration--originally in search of a variation on the pebbling design--perhaps some spirals to continue the Hugs & Kisses title.  But then I saw the Trapped Ripples block and thought that would make for a great filler around the crosses.  Each of the blocks had 4 corner quadrants that were easily subdivided into 2 triangle units which were then filled with echoing arcs forming Trapped Ripples.  Not only did this filler design provide some great texture, it was super fast to complete all 8 rows (another big plus--ha ha!!)
Texture Plus with Trapped Ripples Free Motion Quilting

While working through each of the 8 rows, I mulled over some clever quilt titles.  Since there weren't any circles, Hugs & Kisses no longer applied.  Brainstorm sessions using the X shape came up empty.  By changing my mindset from perceiving the cross as an Plus Sign, instead of an X quickly yielded the Texture Plus title--which captures all the fabulous texture created by the Trapped Ripple filler design...perfect! 

In lieu of pebble quilting, how about rocky backdrop for Texture Plus?!?