Wicked Awesome News!!

Friday was the deadline for the Cherrywood Wicked Challenge...so I kept checking Cherrywood's Facebook page for news and updates regarding the challenge.  After seeing a close up of my "Wicked Windy & Winding Ways" quilt posted earlier in the week, it was hard not to get too excited.  And then they posted a picture of a staff member typing up all the entry titles and artists statements, and it was my entry up on the computer screen.  Then when they started posting pictures of the exhibit, it was fun searching for my quilt in the various pictures.

Yesterday--they announced they would be posting the results today, so I kept checking for the big announcement.  Today, I noticed that the newest batch of photos had bright green ribbons hanging next to some of the quilts--including mine!  But I didn't know what the ribbons meant until they announced the winners and finalists--including me as one of the 24 finalists!  I am wicked excited that my quilt was included in this amazing travelling exhibit with some truly wicked awesome quilts!