My Challenge Quilts: Where Are They Now?

While I've been a busy little quilting bee in the studio, several of my quilts are out and about traveling the country.  Where are they now?!?  

Owl You Need Is Love

My "Owl You Need Is Love" quilt for the Hoffman Challenge had one of its first stops in Sarasota, Florida.  So my mother attended the local quilt guild's meeting to see my quilt in person.  When checking in, she explained that she was there to see her daughter's quilt that was included in the Hoffman Challenge trunk show--and they were so welcoming and gracious.  They helped pull out my quilt so she could see it up close and personal.  Then when it came time to the quilt show--they actually started with my quilt and had her come up to the front of the room and help hold and display my quilt!  She was quite the local celebrity that night and they even offered to take pictures of her holding my quilt...too cute!  Maybe they will be able to lure her back into the quilting world?!?    
A few days later, my copy of the Hoffman Challenge exhibit photo booklet arrived in the mail, so I could admire all the fabulous quilt entries that were accepted into the travelling exhibit.

And a few weeks ago I got my little participatory pin, complete with a free spool of Sulky Thread and a preview of the 2015 Challenge fabric--which will certainly be a challenge developing a fun and creative quilt design.
Wicked Windy & Winding Ways
Another fun package arrived in this week's post:  my Wicked Finalist ribbon and a beautifully handcrafted Wicked necklace.  My "Wicked Windy & Winding Ways" quilt is still hanging out in NYC--where it was spotted photo-bombing a photograph of Yvonne Porcella--too funny!

I hope my brother may be able to visit while it is making its rounds in NYC, as he has several connections in the NYC theater community.  
Mystery Quilt
And I just shipped off another "secret" quilt to be displayed at Houston, TX for the International Quilt Market and Festival.  Unfortunately, I cannot reveal any more details at this be sure to check back in early November to learn more about this mystery project.