Sunday, May 24, 2015

ROYGBIV Challenge #1: Monkey Wrench

Persimon Dreams is hosting a Focus Through the Prism series of monthly challenges.  Each month a block will serve as inspiration for our 20"x20" quilt.  Entries must incorporate one fabric from a special ROYGBIV Cherrywood bundle and the overall project should read as one color in the ROYGBIV spectrum.  We are welcome to incorporate additional fabrics from our stash and be creative when it comes to the block inspiration.
EQ7 Layout

For the first monthly round, the Monkey Wrench served as the block inspiration.  In addition to my usual brainstorm via Pinterest, I also spent an evening experimenting with different designs using EQ7.  While I have been working my way through the EQ7 lessons, this was the first time I put it to use on a personal project.  It was a lot of fun whipping up different layouts and colorways, without having to commit to actually sewing them.  Good thing too, as I created 50+ different quilt layout/designs total before arriving at the final design for this month's entry featuring Monkey Wrench blocks.  The center crosses feature a gradient of oranges with some accent diamonds in a complementary teals and neutral grays.

With my design in place, it was time to audition fabrics.  I started to pull out an assortment of solids and was surprised at how many were found in my stash.  I guess I really have been on a solid kick lately!  The pile of cutting scraps serve as a preview of how the fabrics will play together.
Fabric to Finished Top
Once the top was pieced and pressed, it was time to audition various quilting motifs to transform the quilt top with texture.
Auditioning different free motion fillers
Look at all that quilted texture!!
You may be wondering about the quilt title.  Well, in the midst of planning this challenge design, I was also planning a trip to the west coast of Florida.  My upcoming visit to the sunshine state certainly influenced the color palette and quilting motifs.  The Florida keys boast absolutely gorgeous beaches and are certainly on my travel itinerary.  Hence the quilt title "Mon Florida Keys."
Sunny warm Florida Keys--here we come!
Finished "Mon Florida Keys"