Coming up in July: Intriguing Interleaves Demonstration

I was honored to be invited to lead a Quilting 101 demonstration for our guild in the month of July.  There were lots of possibilities for a demo technique topic, but in the end, the Interleave quilts were selected.  In my program description, I've dubbed it "Intriguing Interleave Quilts" and promise to unlock all the secrets behind creating the illusion of curves and transparency in this quilt as you go technique.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that 25 members signed up on the first day of sign ups!!  That was great motivation for me to get to work on preparing my demonstration, complete with bright and colorful examples for each step of the process, along with little practice kits for members to practice the quilt as you go technique.  Below is sneak preview of some of the preparations thus far.  I am still fine tuning the take away instructions as a reference for those unable to complete their Interleave.
Samples and kits for July Quilting 101
Of course, I also needed to get reacquainted with the technique as well as experiment with some other templates, fabric selections and dimensions.  Up til now, I've used mostly tone on tone prints, the same template and size of fabric strips.  So for this project, I experimented with ombre fabrics, longer strip sets and a new template.  I brought the strip sets to my small quilt group, which piqued rhw interest of several of my fellow quilters.  Several watched the progression and offered some fabulous suggestions on alternatives to marking pencil lines every 1/2".  And yes, several were quick to sign up for the upcoming July 21st Quilting 101/Intriguing Interleave Demonstration while there are still a few open seats!  

Below are some pictures of this new Interleave:  "Harmonious Hills & Hazy Hues" ready for our upcoming meeting and preview of July's Quilting 101!
Harmonious Hills & Hazy Hues table runner/wall hanging modeled by Panda